Nest Thermostat review to find how awesome this product is...

The 3rd Generation Nest Learning Thermostat comes with a completely new look and some advanced features and capability packed into it.

  • Intuitive Design - Nest Thermostat is in round shape and made up plastic, glass and stainless steel with scroll wheel feature.It is lot slimmer and compact than the previous version and can fit very well with the wall.

  • Farsight - when it sees anybody approaching towards it, it lights up showing the temperature and time of the room.

  • Brighter Display - comes with a screen size 40% larger than theprevious one and has a better resolution feature of 229 pixels per inch.

  • Slimmer and Sleek - It matches very well with your wall giving it a distinctive look.

Read on… our Nest Thermostat review to find how awesome this product is

Features which will make you go gaga.

The Nest 3.0 boasts some unique features which make it stand tall among its competition. The Google backed product is continuously innovating and adding more features which make it such a lucrative option for us.

  • Home Away Assist feature and family accounts for better optimization

Nest3.0 offers Home away assist and family accounts feature. Now family members of the same household can open individual Nest account. Home away feature will then track each of members’ whereabouts and then optimize room temperature accordingly.

  • Furnace Head up option reduces your energy cost

This model also boasts of furnace head up functionality. It prevents overheating of your room by tracking theoperational performance of your air furnace. This has also shown to reduce your energy cost by quite a margin.

  • Ease of use will blow your mind

The device is very easy to set up. It comes with a screw driver, base plate and a steel mounting plate for making it attached to the wall. Once the device is on, it’ll guide you through all the settings process from selecting your language to connecting it tothe nearestWi-Fi spot to manually set your preferred temperature range.

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Robert R. Gerber
"Awesome product. I’m super stoked with this one. The Product comes with a detail instruction manual as well as ahandy tool set. Setting it up was quite easy. Literally you can start playing with the settings and the device starts working its magic. Highly Recommended!!!"
Robert R. Gerber

Connectivity and Compatibility at its best

You can’t ask for more. This is where Nest thermostat becomes a much better option and more value for the money.

  • Email connectivity to keep you always in touch

TheNest also connects with your email and sends out aweekly email notification regarding energy savings and other performance parameter.

  • IOS and Android App Option

Nest has both Android and IOS app option. You can download it and integrate with several other smart devices. It also provides alot of information about your energy usage, preferred temperature range and other control parameters.

  • Rocking Automation

Nest connects with Nest Camp as well as Nest Protect and has its own IFTTT automation channel which you can use to do a lot of cool automation tricks.

  • Voice Control with ALEXA

Nest perfectly integrates with Alexa via Alexa skill set. You can download the Alexa app and integrate it with Nest by turning on the Nest feature. Now, you can control the temperature and other settings through it by giving avoice command.

Performance which you can trust

When it comes to performance, Nest absolutely rocks. The Nest uses learning algorithm to understand your routine and adjusts the heating and cooling of your room saving lots of money for you. There is no need to manually program it or reprogram it, the Nest tracks when you guys are in the home or when you’re busy partying outside.

Auto-away mode

If you’re away from home, the Away home feature detects it and sets the temperature accordingly. This helps in saving your energy cost. You can use IFTT to automate lots of tasks which will help in making your life organized and clutter free.

Nest to Nest compatibility

 You can buy other Nest thermostat and install it in other floors/rooms of your house. It provides you with the option to integrate one Nest thermostat with another one. This will ensure that all your thermostat act in cohesion and perform with better efficiency and accuracy.

NESTweave for better integration

Nesthas also launched Weave network which will allow any third party device to integrate with Nest using their API. Nest also integrate with several other smart devices such Philips Hue Light, Logitech Harmony, Jawbone activity tracker and Kevo locks.

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NEST automation that will transform your life

With Nest you can automate a lot of stuff from turning on your water heater to your favourite lamp to controlling the movement of your shade. The possibility is endless. You can do all this cool stuff by integrating your Nest thermostat with other 3rd party smart devices.

  • Save money with automatic shade movement

You can integrate your Nest with Douglas shade using Nest API. The Nest will let the Douglas shade know when you’re away from home and then, the shade will move automatically along with the movement of sun depending upon your heat requirement. This will help in energy savings.

  • Smart Fire Protection is with you

Nest is compatible with Nest protect which lets you know about any smoke by activating Sky Bell HD Button. That’s how awesome Nest is.

  • Make the light shine on you

Nest perfectly fits with Philips Hue which you can use to control the operation of the light. Nest let know the hue about your whereabouts and then, Hue can automatically control the on/off of the light resulting in energy savings.